Share Your Works, and Be Rewarded

Every lighting show is a piece of art. Every lighting installation is an asset in your portofolio to help get you the next one. We take lighting seriously both on quality of gear, and design of the show. We encourage all of our customers to design and create stunning looks, and take professional photos of your work, and we will help to spread the words for you. We reward customers with credit for sharing pictures, videos and reviews on our products. 

1, product in action photos

whether you are a DJ or a production company, when you use our products in your show we will reward you with 5-20 dollars (depending on size of the show) credit for each submission.

2, product review text or video

possitive reviews on our products will be rewarded a credit of 20-80 dollars on the quality of the text and video made.

3, lighting installation photos

 Send us a picture of your final work if you are an installer. We will reward you with 50-100 dollars depending on the size of the installation. 


How To Submit?

You can submit via email, facebook page, or submit a ticket via the "support" menu on our website.


Use of Your Works

You as the owner of your work (including photos, text and videos) grant Phantos to use these for marketting purpose. Your or your business name will be mentioned whenever these works are used, in print or online.