Wedding Lighting Design, Monogram, Dry Ice Effect, Confetti, and LED Screen

Phantos is a one stop service provider for your wedding's lighting, visual and sound need. We have extensive experience working at different venues in Sydney. 

Services we provide include: custom gobo (initials, monogram), theme lighting, dry ice effect, sound system, projector or LED screen, laser show, video mapping, confetti, fireworks and more.

Our staffs are fully experienced and qualified in the field of lighting, sound, visual and pyrotechnic. We ensure all aspects of work are done professionally.

Our equipments are always test-n-tagged and our insurance is up to date.

Download our wedding service catolog HERE.



It you require that little bit more elegance and uniqueness for your wedding, a customed made gobo is just what you need. You can choose to have your initials or any patterns you like projected onto the back drop of your bridal table, your dance floor, or any empty wall in your venue, It will for sure become the eye catching center piece of your wedding.

We custom make glass or metal gobos and provide installation service. The gobo can be mono (black and white) or colored. Full graphic design service is available or you can provide us with your own artwork.
Our gobo projectors range from 80W LED to 280W discharge. They can project sharp images from a distance of 4 to 30 meters.

It generally takes 10 working days for the gobo to be made.



Lighting is just as important as all other aspects of your wedding . It transforms your wedding venue into a magical kingdom. It creates different atmospheres for your guests to enjoy as well as stunning visuals that takes everyone’s breath away and for your photographer to capture.
By colour washing your wedding venue with the theme colour of your choice, we help you to create that desired romantic atmosphere of your dream.
Lighting can get very creative, colour can stay static as well as being programed to change and move.
Programmed lighting is proven to be very popular because it creates totally different scenes for different parts of your wedding night.
We provide full design and installation service. We work with you to create the desired look that you would like to achieve and liaise with your venue for all logistic matter about installation.



How about a first dance on a cloud?
Our dry ice machine produce low fog effect that makes your first dance as husband and wife truly magical. It is safe to use and generally allowed by most venues.
One machine is able to produce enough cloud for 5 minutes for a floor area of up to 80sqm.



Create that spectacular moment at your wedding with the use of firework, Leave your guests speechless and make your wedding memorable and romantic.
Firework can be used at all special moments during your wedding such as bride and groom’s entrance, first dance, cake cutting, conclusion of the wedding toasts etc.
All fireworks are carried out by licensed pyrotechnicians with ample professional training and experience in this field.



How can you have a celebration without confetti?
Our electric confetti launcher and cannons are the best way of shooting confetti & streamers in a professional manner.
We use DMX/remote controlled confetti cannons and our 80cm cannons can cover an area of 3x7meters each. There are also a variety of confetti and streamers to choose from such as multi-colored, gold or silver.



You would like to ensure your wedding speeches, your parents and friends blessing to be heard clearly. You would like all your guests to enjoy pleasant music thoroughly during your wedding. You need a good sound system.
We use professional level JBL PRX/SRX series speakers with Shure SM/BETA series microphones to ensure best quality sound possible for your night.

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