DJPower R6 Quad Gun Confetti Launcher Machine


R6 is an electric confetti launcher with 4 cartridge capacity. The machine supports wireless remotre control or DMX. The 4 cartridges can be fired seperately or simutaneously via remote or DMX. The buttons on remote control is programmable.

R6 takes DJpower confetti cartridges in 40cm and 80cm sizes. They come in multicolored, gold, or silver.

The 40cm cartridge is suitable for small room /area with confetti reaching max 5 meters distance/height and covers a 3x5meters area lightly. The 80cm cartridge covers a 3x7 meters with a more splendid view. maximum height/distance of the 80cm cartridge is 10 meters.

Additional Info

  • Brand/Manufacturer: PHANTOS
  • Buy Brand New Price: 975
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