Branding/Artwork Projection

Artwork projection is widely used for commercial branding, general signage, as well as artistic expression purpose. They attract eye-balls at night time when the darkness blocks everything else. They look unique compared to the conventional signage on the wall, and the installation cost is significantly lower, and requires little maintenance.  They can be placed in areas not possible by other means such as the exterior wall of a high rise building.  


Gobocraft Shop Sign Projector 15-30W 1

There are actually a few different types of products for this but each has their own advantage. Video projector mapping and moving head lighting projection are generally used for temporary events and occasions due to a few reasons: 

they are not IP 65/67 rated and can get damaged by rain, Uv, heat and dust

they are mostly very expensive, and requires controlling software and hardware to operate

technical expertise in video mapping software and lighting control are required

LED Gobo projectors, on the other hand, are compact IP65 rated, plug and play simple to use and requires minimum maintenance. 

Gobocraft LED projectors come in a range of 50 plus models each tailored for a specific use. These gobo projectors are mostly used for installation purpose due to the above reasons. The photo on the right shows an outdoor signage projection via a Gobocraft 150W LED Projector.  Gobocraft projector lights produces sharp images thanks to its premium quality lens and can project images from a distance of upto a hundred meters away. Mapping

Outdoor Gobocraft projectors comes in 80W, 100W, 150W and 200W models. They can be used for temporary commercial events and government sponsored outdoor visual arts festivals, as well as permanent installations at public/private spaces. In order to promote value, raise awareness of certain issues, local councils, churches and Non Profit Organizations may choose to light up historic buildings, projecting logos/messages onto an empty wall at night time near public spaces. Gobo projectors are your ideal choice to achieve the desired outcome in such cases. Multiple projectors can work together to map a large image such as the one shown on the right. 72 of 200w Gobocraft projectors where used to map a artist’s work onto a tower in Frankfurt. 

Gobocraft also has a range of product specifically designed for corporate and retail logo and signage projections.

These can be ranged from 15-60W depending on the ambient lighting condition. In high end hotels and museums these projectors can produce signs and messages on walls and walk path and door ways. In restaurants, bars and shops projecting artworks and logos not only at your entrance but also onto interior wall can add value to our customers dinning/shopping experience. 

For projects small and big we are able to provide you with the right solution based on our years of experience in this area. We can recommend and supply the right projectors with custom gobos for your project and carry out installations for you.