Canto4U Opera Group's 2016 Concert Lighting by Phantos

Canto4U Opera Group's 2016 Concert Lighting by Phantos

Conto4U is a Korean Opera Group based in Sydney. We have been contracted for lighting their concerts since 2015. For this year’s lighting we have used 6X XMlite 10R Hybrid Moving Heads, 6X Xmlite 10R Beam Moving Heads, with 16 of PHANTOS 18×8 RGBW wash LED PARs. Atmospheric effect by a MLB CH600 Hazer. The lighting show was designed programed and operated by Alan Song on a Avolites Tiger Touch II.

The artist and audience were both very impressed by this year’s lighting and we have one people come to us after the show with thumbs up. We are generally happy with the work we have done given that we had only a few hours on the day to program everything into the console based on a song list/ run sheet obtained a day earlier with some songs still missing.

The Xmlite 280 10R Hybrid Moving Heads are our favorite now for their versatility for most type of shows from opera, drama to rock n roll. They are very quiet which is much desired for this particular show. We have used mainly the frost or the second gobo wheel for spot effects for this show and left the beam effects to the 10R beams at the front.

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