TV Wall for Sydney Music Restaurant

TV Wall for Sydney Music Restaurant

PHANTOS installed a 4×3 55″ commercial TV wall at a music restaurant in Chinatown Sydney. Our onsite technicians also built their stage lighting and audio system.  

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TV walls are considered a better option than LED screen in many indoor applications including restaurants, bars, office areas, etc, for better viewing experience at a much shorter distance.  PHANTOS can supply, design and install Samsung and LG screens and build ensure video system tailored to specific customer need. 

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In this particular case, our video technicans have build the system so that videos can be played from a media server next to its stage to both main screen on stage as well as TVs in VIP rooms. On top of that there are 2 cameras installed facing the stage for live feed to the screens. 

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Apart from the TV wall on stage, we also installed their main stage speakers including 2 subs and 2 line array top speakers. Their lighting rig includes 24 moving heads including wash and spots as well as 16 LED wash PARs. A Kingkong 2048 desk is selected as their lighting console.