Function Venue AV Lighting System

Function Venue AV Lighting System

Function venues need to have updated audio, visual and lighting systems to stay above the competition because customers hire these spaces for events including weddings, parties, presentations, etc that will always involve speeches, playing slide shows or videos, some kind of entertainment and so on. Failing to do this part right could mean missing potential revenue or losing customers.

An audio system that delivers crispy clear sound is essential. Our audio engineer can perform initial space evaluation and access potential issues that may affect sound quality within the space. The shape and size of the room, the type and texture of walls and large glass doors are all to be considered when designing the best audio system and solutions. Sound treatment may be recommended to reduce reflections. selection and placement of speakers will also play an important part in achieving the best sound quality in the space.

function space lighting audio design


When it comes to the vision system, most function venues have projectors and some prefer screens. Projectors have the benefit of not being obstructive as the screens are retracted when not in use, while TV walls will be there all the time and require a solid wall to be mounted on. However, projectors have a drawback of not being bright enough and can be washed off when ambient lights especially if the function is during day time. Video walls or LED screens will always deliver a predictable high-quality image or videos without being affected by ambient lighting conditions.  We are happy to discuss with you which one is the better vision solution for your specific function space.

Lighting is an important factor in creating the right atmosphere and keep people engaged. Depending on the interior design of your function space we can recommend the right lighting system solution. Your lighting system will mostly include LED color wash lighting to paint the entire space with different colors on different occasions according to customers’ preference, plus LED profile lighting that they will need when someone is offering a speech. Lighting control systems can be very straight forward. It can be as simple as a standalone controller with no PC required and your in house staff can manage it via mobile app without having to hire a lighting technician from time to time.  For some larger venues with high ceilings and can afford a more complicated lighting system, automated lighting fixtures can be incorporated into your lighting system to offer more room to different lighting designs to better cater to different events your space is hired for.

function space lighting system

PHANTOS can offer free onsite consultation and provide input toward coming up with the best audio, visual and lighting solution tailored to your function venue. If you are on the market for a supplier, we appreciate the opportunity to talk.