Gym Audio & Visual Design

Gym Audio & Visual Design

Gyms are spaces where people go to improve their energy and strength, and better their general wellness and fitness. Usually, the exercise sessions are challenging, and everybody must be concentrated, but the ambiance should stay comfortable and pleasant in order for clients to enjoy the workout and revisit the gym. Your vision, hard work, and attention to detail combined with our exclusive sound system, lighting installation and many more will surely elevate your space and atmosphere and PHANTOS will definitely carry out this task with its experienced crew and technicians.

There are endless possibilities for the perfect sound system to be created, but it all comes down to your space. We stock a plethora of speakers, from wall-mount to ceiling speakers, and lots of mixing amplifiers for you to be able to control your music effortlessly, depending on the mood and type of workout. PHANTOS will make sure that the speakers are placed consistently to produce a coherent and enjoyable sound to your customers and if you need a strong beat drop to indicate the tempo of each song, we offer wall-mountable subwoofers that get the job done beautifully.

Lighting is another essential factor when it comes to the gym’s mood. Lighting units need to be placed mindfully, especially on exercise machines to be able to steer clear of intense & bright glares that will defocus the customers from their goal. As a result, spot lights should be avoided and non-distressing lighting fixtures that disperse the light more evenly should be installed. An additional crucial problem in gyms is light flickering that will surely trigger headaches and fatigue. Consequently, staying away from fluorescent lights will be the ideal decision. PHANTOS provides an abundance of LED wash lights that guarantee flicker-free operation.

Gym Wash Light
Gym LED Strip 1


We also provide LED Strip designing and installation for creating beautiful hidden lighting in your gym that create a calming sensation and stimulate all of the senses. LED Strips can also be used with MADRIX technology that features motion control and create amazing heart-pumping effects. On top of that, MADRIX includes a revolutionary audio analysis. It can realise all live audio signals and produce spectacular real-time lighting visuals. These live special effects will certainly put together a light show that will work in sync with each song’s tempo and make your customers more determined, especially in a spinning class.

Furthermore, our inventory includes both LED Screens & LCD TVs for you to create alluring TV walls to display various types of entertainment, such as workouts and motivational trailers.