Live Music Bar/Restaurant Design

Live Music Bar/Restaurant Design

Live Music Bars & Restaurants have been around for many years. People enjoy visiting them in order to relax and enjoy their meal, usually at dinner time or have a drink late at night while listening to some music. There are many elements that should be taken into consideration when designing a live music space, that in combination will achieve the ideal atmosphere where your customers will feel welcomed and at home.

In these entertainment places, lighting is usually the most important aspect that needs to be tackled in order for people to feel comfortable enough to revisit your store. Not all bars have the same theme and as a result, different lighting situations apply in each occasion. A restaurant or bar normally utilises dim, indirect lighting to set the overall mood, rather than bright and direct lights, even though it is not catalytic. PHANTOS holds a plethora of fresnels, profiles and panels that can do just that, plus high quality trusses to attach the lighting fixtures onto!

live music bar 2
live music bar 3

PHANTOS also owns stage decks for your bands/singers to perform on, so that the audience can enjoy them comfortably. We offer our stages in two main sizes, though we can put them together and create new designs depending on your requirements. In addition, we can fabricate skirting for your stages so that you can cover the underside and maybe hide some of your or the bands’ equipment.

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Of course, it wouldn’t be a music bar/restaurant without the appropriate sound equipment. Holding live music events in your restaurant or bar is one of the most well-known, tried and working customers gathering tactics in the chronicles of this industry. Our company carries professional SKYTONE VERA speakers that you can add to your space and mesmerise your patrons with their crystal-clear sound, high reduction for live sound and sonic accuracy. These speakers offer a sweet sound and 1600W super power. Every detail in the VERA series was purposefully designed considering its most intended function, integrating industry-leading levels of sound quality, power, control and durability.Moreover, we carry top notch amplifiers that word perfectly with our speakers and provide a smooth audio output.

Furthermore, our inventory includes LCD wall panels and LED displays that you can mount in your bar so that lyrics can be displayed and your customers can sing along with the act or for the bands to play videoclips while their singing. Other than that, the wall panels are ideal for karaoke nights! 

Additionally, we can install pixel addressable DMX LED Strips that are excellent for mood enhancement, as they give the ability and versatility to create impressive lighting effects; that is why most people prefer them rather than plain LED Strips. In conjunction with the incredible MADRIX software these DMX tapes will do miracles. MADRIX features an audio analysis system that can realise all live audio signals and produce spectacular real-time lighting visuals. These live special effects will definitely put together a light show that works in sync with your audio and will surely amaze patrons.

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