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Melody M1 Retractable Seating System

The NBA School in Vilnius, Lithuania has installed a retractable seating system. Retractable seating, also known as telescopic or bleacher seating builds an area of tiered seating. The seats can be closed in a fold down position to remain stored when not in use. This frees up a large amount of space. Retractable Seating System is an optimal seating solution for use in theatres, schools, universities and multipurpose spaces. The design of retractable seating is such that it can be efficiently closed away, both manually and electronically, depending upon the economic requirements of the end user. The entire seating system, when closed down, gets neatly placed in a wall attached unit or the bank. The platforms operate on the retractable principle, each row under the one above to minimise the area occupied.  Specially designed folding seats fit to the platform and remain stored in the closed fold down position when the retractable seating platform is in the stored position. All the rows are secured with rails which are permanently fixed in position and automatically store in the deck. This eliminates the need to individually set up each rail and minimize labour costs. 

Large space for audience

The retractable seating system installed at the NBA School in Vilnius is designed to accommodate a huge audience of more than 1300. The seating system has been set on both ends of the basketball court comprising 657 seats on either side. The seats are made in two colours – red and white and are divided in 14 rows with 46 chairs in each row. These seats have been made from high grade plastic, ensuring a longer shelf life The seating system is divided into four sections, each section separated by 1500 MM wide aisle steps. These aisle steps allow undisturbed movement of incoming visitors. The steps have non-skid coating for better grip.

Wall attached bank

There is a sturdy rail at the rear of the seating system. At both the ends of each row, there are self-storing rails which are well bolted in position and automatically store in the deck, ensuring that the rails are in place at all times for spectator safety. The rails automatically fold to the closed position as the bank closes. When opened, the telescopic structure has a width of 14250 MM which drastically reduces to a mere 1650 MM after being folded. Thus a massive space of more than 12500 MM is freed. When fully retracted, the seating system appears flat front and stacked tiers with seats hidden under each row. The retracted system is neatly placed in a wall attached unit or the bank. The height of the bank is approx. 4200 MM including the self-storing rails.

The Melody M1 Retractable Seating System is an innovatively designed seating system which is most ideal for gyms, stadiums, sports facility at schools and auditoriums where space adaptability is essential. It transforms a stadium full of spectators to a wide open area available for practice to the players.