Onyx NX2 and NX-Wings for Lifelike Group

Onyx NX2 and NX-Wings for Lifelike Group

Phantos has supplied an Onyx NX2 lighting console and some Onyx NX-Wing lighting control surfaces to Lifelike Group. Our esteemed customer, Lifelike Group, is a professional provider of sound, lighting and audio-visual solutions. The group works for users in the education, corporate, House of Worship, hospitality, government, retail and theatre fields. Their services include on-site jobs such as stage curtain cleaning and repairs, inspection & repair, equipment life-cycle management and preventative management among others.

Onyx NX2 lighting console is a lighting control surface that provides the right amount of light required for an event. It is a member of the innovative ONYX platform from Obsidian Control Systems. With more than 25 years of experience of developing professional entertainment lighting control solutions for automated and theatrical lighting fixtures, Obsidian Control Systems is an accessible line of advanced lighting control products. Phantos is the Australian reseller of Onyx products from Obsidian Control Systems.

NX2 gives out dynamic, flexible and multi-faceted lighting effects. It has 4 DMX ports and MIDI connectivity that allows well-organized integration with the existing lighting rig. The compact and portable lighting console features an adjustable 15.6” full HD multi touch screen, 2 external 4K Touch Displays, industrial motherboard with Intel i5 Hexa-Core CPU and an integrated graphics processor. There is a built-in lamp that illuminates the surface in dim room conditions or in outdoor settings, when extra lighting is not available. The physical dimensions of NX2 are 300mm x 540mm x 121mm (L x W x H) and it weighs 9 kg. The console comes with an included RGB LED desk lamp, dust cover, Obsidian USB cable, external PSU (12V 11A), 1.5m power cable, 3 pin IEC and USB 3.0 recovery stick.

One more striking feature of the Onyx NX2 lighting control surface is the 10 x 60 mm playback faders, each with 4x function-assignable buttons that lets the user bring up individual lights or create fade transitions, making it perfect for ambient lighting. It consists of a numerical keypad and command-keys which makes it easy to operate the console. NX2 includes a dedicated grandmaster and 10 full playbacks with 8 customizable multi-function keys.

Onyx NX Wing is based on the NX2 console and uses the same design and components with identical layout. It features a USB connection and provides a responsive and professional hardware surface to operate ONYX on any PC system without compromises. No setup or additional installation is required for working with NX-Wing consoles. The user just has to plug it into a PC with ONYX and can get started immediately. It provides extensive connectivity with 4 DMX ports, MIDI and Timecode ports while unlocking 64 universes of control when connected to ONYX on a PC. It features an internal 3.5” touch screen, 10 playbacks, encoders and a keypad. It is 300 mm (l) x 540 mm (w) x 9mm in size and weighs 4.6 kg, thus making it portable and lightweight.

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