PHANTOS LED 120W SPOT for Pier One Hotel

PHANTOS LED 120W SPOT for Pier One Hotel

Pier One Hotel is one of the iconic venues in Sydney that needs no introduction. The hotel contracted then Fairchild Multimedia to perform an upgrade to their in house lighting rig. PHANTOS 120 spots, 36X8W Mega Wash, and P18X8W Wash Pars are installed by Fairchild after a brief produce demo meeting with their then VP Ken Little.

All of these happened back in 2015. Fast forward to Dec 2018, we have zero warranty issues for lighting fixtures at this venue. These fixtures are constantly being de-rigged and put back to cater for different event requirement.

The PHANTOS 120Spot was our first serious LED spot light at the time to replace the long time worrier MAC 575 Krypton and its various replicas. Its 120W LED engine can output more light than a 575w lamp. While the standard color wheel, gobo wheels, 3 facet prism and frost all have little to write home in today’s world, these are still what you find in the package of most fixtures aimed at hotels, high schools and churches etc.

Today the 120Spot is replaced by a more powerful EXP170 Hybrid and LS180 Spot depending what specs and features customers are after.

The 36X8W RGBW Mega Wash was a popular LED wash mover with decent amount of output for venues such as clubs and hotel auditorium with ceiling under 6 meters. It features 10-50° zoom which was quite something to talk about when they first came out. Event at 2018 the RGBW LEDs are still main stream for color washing fixtures although LEDs with bigger output are taking over. The new generation of LED washes we offer are XMLite LM560, BRFO 19X15 and 19X40 to name a few.

The Phantos P18X8 RGBW is a static wash light with a wide 40° lens for excellent color mixing results. They are proven to be very robust over the past few years with very few warranty issues. A number of production companies own this fixture including Hightlight Entertainment, Technical Event Services, etc and these Par cans are still kicking ass. Its latest update: PHANTOS P18Hex is a hex version, with the same wide angle lens. It also features Neutrik power con in/out for faster daisy link of power which saves a lot of piggy back extensions and man power during bump-in and de-rigging.

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