PHANTOS working with GTD Lighting in Australia

PHANTOS working with GTD Lighting in Australia

PHANTOS is working with GTD Lighting to introduce GTD’s product to customers in Australia, and we have confidence that they will live up to the high standard here with their proven reliability and efficient after sales support.

GTD is a global company specialised in the design, development, manufacturing, sales and services of professional lighting and stage equipment, with operations in the U.S., Russia, Dubai and Singapore and currently employ over 800 people.

The wide range of product lines of GTD varies from moving heads, effect lighting, washes, follow spot, television lighting to truss system, stage and work platforms.

GTD products have been applied in theatres, TV stations, concerts, touring, professional entertainment industry and rental companies. The exquisite design and high performance of GTD products have earned wide acclaim.

The marketing strategy of GTD is ‘to prioritize brand building and create a user-oriented culture.’ “We will formulate and implement our product, sales and marketing strategies based on customer satisfaction for the purpose of improving user experience, channel management and after-sales services”.

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