ASCEND powerCon Extension Cable

ASCEND powerCon Extension Cable 1 Meter


PowerCon leads are ideal whenever you need to give power to many units without having to attach all of them to electrical sockets separately.

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The ASCEND powerCon Extension Cable 1 Meter is a fastening AC connector featuring 3 conductors with connections for line, neutral and pre-mating ground contact. It eliminates equipment couplers anytime an extremely robust solution in combination with a locking device is required to be able to ensure a secure power connection. This type of connectors protects against accidental disconnections caused by stumbling over the cords or hitting the machines they’re connected to. As a result, they are great for daisy-chaining multiple units.

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1x Blue Input powerCon (Neutrik-Style)
2x White Output powerCon (Neutrik-Style)


Black PVC