Blizzard Lighting LightCaster AnyFi Wireless DMX Transceiver
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Blizzard Lighting LightCaster AnyFi Wireless DMX Transceiver

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LightCaster AnyFi™ is a USB rechargeable, battery powered wireless DMX transceiver that is capable of transmitting or receiving either ultra-stable, Wireless Solutions AB™ W-DMX 2.4 GHz ISM (AFHSS) wireless DMX signals, or Blizzard Lighting’s own Skywire™ 2.4 GHz band frequencies. It will perfectly sync up to any Blizzard wiCICLE™ or Skywire™ (7CH) enabled products, plus there is an additional Skywire™ 6-channel mode that will flawlessly sync up with other AnyFi™ enabled products using this mode. Skywire™ (6CH) mode is found exclusively in Blizzard Lighting AnyFi™ brand products.

Its user-friendly operation simplifies all the complex communication protocols, and it features an easy-to-use 4-button TFT display menu interface, making setup a breeze. And no matter which protocol is used, you can expect to achieve reliable wireless communication for over 1000 feet (line-of-sight).

When using W-DMX®, you can leave any worries behind concerning loss of signal due to its built-in FHSS technology (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum). FHSS are frequency hopping techniques, in which the transmitter jumps from one sub-channel to another at a very rapid pace. An unlimited number of receivers can be controlled by each transceiver [each one is able to control 512 channels of DMX (1 universe)].

With Skywire™ 6/7-channel wireless DMX you can pair your other AnyFi™, wiCICLE™, or Skywire™ transmitting and receiving units together simply by matching the colour coded frequency groups that illuminate on each of the LED status indicators. With each frequency group, there are 512 auto-assigning frequencies that allow each system to run simultaneously in the same space, completely free of interference!

Main Features

  • Built-in Wireless Solutions AB™ W-DMX Transceiver
  • Built-in Skywire™ 6/7-Channel Transceiver
  • Built-in lithium battery
  • TFT display and friendly menu interface
  • Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (AFHSS)
  • 32-bit ARM Processor, DMA transfer without delay
  • Standard 3-pin XLR In/Out
  • 4-button status menu and LED frequency/status indicator
  • Plug-and-play operation, pairing mode, supports more transmitter universes

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Additional information

Power Consumption

350 mA@5V DC max

Radio Parameters

Range: 1,000 FT (line-of-sight)
Frequency: 2.402-2.480GHz, ISM, 79 channels
Spread Spectrum: FHSS, 1100 hops / sec
Modulation: GFSK
Maximum Transmit Power: 23dBm
Receiver Sensitivity: -94dBm


4 inches (103 mm) x3.5 inches (88 mm)x1.6 inches (40 mm)


8.8 oz (250 g)