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Colordreamer Architectural Lighting DMX Strip


This RGB LED Architectural Lighting DMX Strip is a sleek addition to any interior or exterior lighting system. Mainly designed for theme parks and hotels, it can be used for LED screens, advertising boards, restaurant illuminations, and many others.

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Colordreamer‘s Architectural Lighting DMX Strip features a pixel addressable design – meaning that every LED has its own built-in IC chip. This set-up allows every pixel to have its own colour and brightness based on your preference. It also makes it possible to cut the strip every 3 LED’s without affecting the performance of the LED’s or causing any damage.

This DMX strip has a width of 17mm and comes in either IP67 or IP54 variants. It has 60 RGB LED’s per meter, giving you maximum flexibility in terms of lighting effect customisations. Additionally, it has adhesive glue on the backside that makes it possible to bond it to any surface effortlessly.

Features and Specifications

  • IP67/IP54 rated waterproof when immersed beyond 1m underwater
  • 60 high brightness 5050 LEDs
  • Solid state, shock resistant and vibration resistant functions
  • Electrical protections for over voltage, high temperatures and excessive current
  • Low power consumption, high intensity.
  • Flexible silicone housing and clear lens design in white or black PCB finish

Lighting strips are convenient for outdoor and indoor designs that require specific forms or structures. They are easy to install and lightweight, meaning they require little to no maintenance. For permanent lighting set-ups, this type of DMX strip has all the precautions for weather and temperature mishaps. It is also set-up that it can maintain its brightness even far away from the power supply. For other DMX strip lighting options, browse our selection of LED strips.

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Additional information


5000 x 10mm (L x W)


5050 RGB

LED Quantity


IC Model

SM16703 (WS2811)

IC Quantity



14.4 W/m



IP Rating