bw gobos
bw gobos

Custom-Made Black & White Glass Gobo


Glass gobos are a better alternative to steel gobos because they can produce higher quality images, and can project both black & white and coloured artwork.

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Glass gobos are resistant to high temperatures and provide full light obstruction, offering a distinct contrast effect while getting rid of the undesirable halo pattern. This gobo design is ideal for recreating very complicated and precise artworks excluding halftones or gradients. In addition, it can safely be used in fixtures with lamps of 750W output.

This is a black & white glass gobo. Make sure you specify the glass and image diameter when ordering your gobo (you can always find common gobo sizes in the additional information below). We will also need an image of your artwork in a vector format.

Please note there is a lead time of 7 days.

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Additional information




Please specify your gobo size when placing an order. There is no difference in cost. Size D, E, M and B are commonly used by various fixtures. However, there are many other sizes used by different manufacturers.
Size E: 37.5 OD, 28.0 IA
Size D: 53.3 OD, 43.0 IA
Size M: 66.0 OD, 43.0 IA
Size B: 86.0 OD, 64.5 IA


Black & White