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DJPower DSK1500 Vertical Fog Machine


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Create a whole new level of drama and effects with the DJPower DSK1500 Vertical Color Fog Machine. It creates pyrotechnic-like effects from powerful vertical blasts that can reach up to 8 meters high. This stream is made of safe water-based fog or haze that is simultaneously illuminated by 21 high-power (3W) LEDs.

This fog machine is advanced and very flexible. It boasts of having the anti-squirting plus and DJPower’s immediate-stop technology. And it can be controlled using the digital display, wirelessly, and DMX. It can also be safe to be hung on a wall or placed on the floor.

Bringing this fog machine to your next gig will increase the intensity and quality of your performance.

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Additional information

Power Consumption

1,500 W

Pre-Heating Time

4 mins

Fluid Consumption

160.0 mL/min

Tank Capacity

2.5 L


475 × 314 × 205 mm

Net Weight

9.6 kg


on-device manual, wireless, DMX