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DJPower H7 Top Cat 2500W Fog Machine


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The DJPower H7 Pro Fog Machine is a 3000W high-end professional fog machine. It has strong anti-interference abilities and is equipped with immediate-stop technology. The machine can produce a huge and stable smooth smoke output in a very short period of time.

Like the H6 Pro Fog Machine, this equipment is also loaded with an impressive electronic and mechanical temperature control system. Both timing and volume of fog output can be fully adjusted in its built-in LCD control panel.

H7 is a heavy duty fog machine that can output fog @ 100% for up to 40 seconds. It has a 9L tank capacity and maximum output distance of 8 meters, it is capable of handling medium to large venues.

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Additional information

Power Consumption

3,000 W

Pre-Heating Time

7 min

Fluid Consumption

5 min/L

Tank Capacity

9 L


660 x 382 x 285 mm

Net Weight

18 kg


DMX 1CH, Wireless, Manual


Pro-A or Pro-D fog liquid