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DJPower H8 Pro DMX Bubble Machine


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Bubbles always add a certain sense of cheer and pleasantness to any event or venue. The DJPower H8 Pro DMX Bubble Machine is a professional bubble maker that can produce bubbles that are controllable in size, range, and quantity.

Bubbles are produced from the DJPower professional bubble fluid Pro-P and they are ejected from dual nozzles. This machine is very flexible because one can control the speed and angle of bubble projection. It can continuously produce bubbles for two hours and it can be controlled using the LCD, wireless, and DMX.

Another admirable feature of this machine is its waste fluid collection design. Unlike other bubble machines, the H8 Pro collects the excess bubble fluids and flows it back through the pipeline instead of dropping it back on the ground.

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Additional information

Power Consumption

200 W

Fluid Consumption

15.6 mL/min

Tank Capacity

3.4 L


388 × 282 × 420 mm

Net Weight

19 kg


DMX 1CH, Wireless, Manual


PRO-P Bubble Fluid