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DJPOWER M180 1500W DMX Smoke Machine


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The DJPOWER M180 features an incredible 180 degree adjustable output angle, a 1500W heater and a 5L Tank. What makes it different from other fog machines is the fact that it comes with a W2 remote and 4CH receiver instead of a wired controller. The 4CH receiver allows you to control 4 units from the same remote. It comes with a Boost button to increase the output level immediately to maximum. Its DMX function allows 0-100% control of fog output.

Moreover, it is packed with a new technology that can pause fog output under DMX mode. The output can be stopped/paused anytime after it has started emitting smoke. This has been impossible for smoke machines, and must have caused a lot of frustration when you need to stop the fog, but can only watch it run for another 8 seconds and the whole place is smoggy.


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