DJPower Nebula X1 Dry Ice Machine 6000W 8Kg Load


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The H-X1 DMX Automatic Dry Ice Machine that produces a thick, white, and low-lying fog with the use of dry ice. This fog effectively hugs the floor and dissipates without rising. A continuous 10-minute fog which can cover about 250 sqm can be created from 8 kg of dry ice by using this machine.

The machine is user-friendly. Output and flow can be controlled using the built-in buttons or a DMX controller. It has an aerodynamic design that is implemented using firm and durable stainless-steel metal parts. Moreover, its dual heaters allow for faster heating times. It also has a low water level and temperature sensor. These sensors increase safety by automatically shutting off the heaters when the threshold is reached.

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Additional information

Power Consumption


Heat-up Time


Water Chamber Capacity

18 L

Max Output Coverage

approx 250 sqm


Protocol: DMX-512
DMX Channels: 1CH


Columnar Dry Ice


524 x 520 x 468 mm

Net Weight

21 kg

Product Application Photos and Videos