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87 XL

DJPOWER R6 Quad-Gun Confetti Launcher Machine


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The DJPOWER R6 is an electric confetti launcher with 4 cartridge capacity. The machine supports wireless remote control or DMX. The 4 cartridges can be fired separately or simultaneously via remote or DMX. The R6 takes DJpower confetti cartridges in 40cm and 80cm sizes. They come in multicoloured, gold, or silver. The 40cm cartridge is suitable for small room/area with confetti reaching max 5 meters distance/height and covers a 3×5 meters area lightly. The 80cm cartridge covers a 3×7 meters with a more splendid view. maximum height/distance of the 80cm cartridge is 10 meters.

The buttons on the remote control are programmable.


  • Compact design.
  • Easy floor mounting or hanging on trusses.
  • Various colour confetti cannons for option, plug and play, safe and convenient.
  • Output distance: 5m for 40cm confetti cannon and 10m for 80cm confetti cannon.
  • Support 4 pcs confetti cannons; separate or simultaneous use.
  • Able to be daisy-chained.
  • Built-in lithium battery enables work without external power source, supports 100 times output once fully charged.
  • Built-in LCD control, wireless control and DMX control. Wireless remote controller supports remote control within 100 meters.

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Additional information

Power Consumption


Max Output Height (90°)

10m(80cm cannon);5m(40cm cannon)


Protocol: DMX-512
DMX Channels: 5CH
Operating Modes: W-6 Remote Controller



Gross Weight