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DJPOWER S5 300W Super Quiet Snow Machine


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Christmas is always a festive time of the year and snow is very much a part and trademark of this celebration. The DJPOWER S5 can recreate snow at 62db, which is a super quiet sound level. This is perfect for environments or performances like chorales and Christmas pageants where low noise is essential.

This machine also creates the perfect visual snow display using DJPOWER professional snow fluid PRO-X. Its snowflake size, volume, and distance are fully adjustable and its built-in mounting bracket allows it to be easily hung or placed on the ground. The functions for this snow machine can be operated using the built-in LCD, wireless, and DMX controls.

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Additional information

Power Consumption


Max Height


Output Coverage

15㎡(placed on the floor in 45°)

Noise Level


Fluid Consumption Rate



Protocol: DMX-512
DMX Channels: 2CH
Operating Modes: W-4 remote controller


PRO-X Snow Fluid


492 x 365 x 270 mm

Net Weight

13 kg

Product Application Photos and Videos