DJPOWER X-1 6000W 8Kg Load Nebular Dry Ice Machine


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The DJPOWER X-1 is a professional dry ice machine which produces thick, white fog that hugs the floor and dissipates without rising. The powerful machine heats enough water to create fog from 8kg of dry ice to provide 8 minutes of run time. The machine is user-friendly and its output and flow can be controlled using the built-in buttons or a DMX controller.

It has an aerodynamic design that is implemented using firm and durable stainless-steel metal parts. Moreover, its dual heaters allow for faster heating times, plus it has a low water level and temperature sensors. These sensors increase safety by automatically shutting off the heaters when the threshold is reached.  The unique design allows remaining dry ice to be stored temporarily in the machine for next uses within 20 min. A low water sensor increases safety.

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Additional information

Power Consumption


Heat-up Time


Water Chamber Capacity

18 L

Max Output Coverage

approx 250 sqm


Protocol: DMX-512
DMX Channels: 1CH


Columnar Dry Ice


524 x 520 x 468 mm

Net Weight

21 kg

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