GTD 330C II BSW 330W Hybrid Moving Head w/ CMY


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The GTD 330C II BSW is a 3-in-1 beam, wash and spot moving head with high luminous efficiency; it is as bright as an old generation beam and spot light with a 1200/1500 watt lamp. This means energy savings, which lighting designers may take advantage of to reduce show operating costs or add extra lights without increasing power requirements. However, the features that make the beam and spot eco-friendly do not end here.

This fixture is very lightweight and highly compact. It weights only 26kg, half the weight of an equivalent 1200W wash light. This obviously makes it easier to handle and simpler to install but more importantly it means huge savings in transport and inventory costs.

Furthermore, this unit possesses an unrivaled optical system with double 8-facet prisms that are completely layerable and controllable. Powered by an OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 330W XL lamp, GTD-330C II BSW delivers an ultra-intense output of 9600 lux with tight beam angles of 3º – 11° in beam mode, a zoom range of 7 – 29° in spot mode and 13° – 46° in wash mode. Indexing and static scrolling gobo wheels and a colour wheel add to the stunning visual effects that this amazing tool can create.

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Additional information

Power consumption


Light source


Beam angle

Zoom range 3° – 11° beam application, zoom range 7° – 29° spot application, zoom range 13° – 46° wash application


2 x 8-facet prism, CW/CCW rotation, variable speed

Rotating gobo

8 interchangeable gobos + open, indexing, CW/CCW rotation, variable speed

Static gobo wheel

11 gobos + open, CW/CCW rotation, variable speed

Color wheel

11 colors + open, split color, CW/CCW rotation, variable speed


CMY for linear infinity color mixing


Protocol: DMX-512
Control channels (DMX): 24/21/30CH
16-bit control: Dimmer, C,M,Y colors, focus, zoom, pan/tilt, gobo indexing & rotation, rotating gobo wheel positioning

Pan/Tilt movement

540˚/ 270˚