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Kinetic LED Winch Lighting System


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Kinitec winch LED lighting system allows for dynamic breathtaking lighting designs both on performing art stages and at public spaces. The DMX controlled winches lift lighting bars or balls up and down in group of tens even hundreds to create the ultimate 3D lighting show.

Winch come with different lifting height to suit different venue situations. 6/10CH DMX mode allows the lighting designer to set color of the lighting fixtures, their height and also lifting speed. The range of lifting height is 1.5m to 12m so these fixtures can be used in spaces from shopping centres to sports arenas to create stunning shows, for both permanent installations and one off events.

This particular model supports 0-6m lifting range with options to choose a sphere of with diameters of 12,15,20,25 and 30cm in diameter.

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Power Consumption



DMX Channels: 6/10CH



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