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KKM Heavy Duty Rubber Cable Ramp w Cover Protector For 5 Channels 1

KKM Heavy-Duty Rubber Cable Ramp w/ Cover Protector ( For 5 Channels )


KKMark manufactures trusses and their accessories for both decoration and staging purposes. They’re, not only, ideal for small to medium exhibition stands and shop fittings, but even, stage lighting, mobile productions, exhibitions and permanent installations.

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KKM cable ramps are made of heavy-duty rubber to withstand heavy traffic and protect your cables during live event setup for both indoors and outdoors. The modular interlocking design with trapezoid connectors allows multiple units to be connected. The specific model holds 5 leads.


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Additional information


800mm x 440mm x 50mm ( L x W x H )



Channel Dimensions

33-35mmW x 33mmH

Weight Loading

6.0 T per tyre for 5 minutes