KKMark ABS 360 O Clamp Wrap Around 7Kg 1/1.5/2 Inches


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7Kg Load for Most LED PAR

O shape quick lock, a lot faster to work with than C and G clamp

Come with adaptor to fit: 1,1.5, and 2 inches pipe ( or about 2.6cm, 3.8cm, and 5cm size pipe)

O Clamps are very popular due to being very versatile. It comes with 2 adaptors to downsize the inner hole so that you can fit it on 2 inches, 1.5 inches and 1 inch pipe or truss tube. The adaptors are all tooless click on and off very easy to use.

What’s more being a O clamp means you just wrap it around the pipe and lock it, saves a lot of time tighting the nut light what you have to do with C and G clamps. Could save you half an hour if you have to set up and packup 16 lights.

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