KOLO Pandora E650L 1500MW RGB ILDA Computer PC Controllable Laser


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ILDA Laser can be programed via PC software to project pictures or text with or without motion.

There are two types of pre-loaded effects: patterns, and beams.. It has patterns handy for wedding, birthday party, Halloween party, Christmas party, and Easter party etc..

With Pagolin PC Interface F3 dongle you can controll the laser from a PC using Quickshow 2 software. This allows you to browse all the built in patterns and beam effects, send them to output by simply clicking on them. It also allows you to display customised text such as bride and groom name, happy Bday to Grace, etc.

At a more advanced level, you can program a laser show with a few of the laser lights and F3 interfance.

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Product Applications and Cases