KOLO PHANTOM 8000 10000 12000 RGB Full Diode ILDA Laser
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KOLO PHANTOM 12000 12W RGB Full Diode ILDA Laser


The KOLO PHANTOM is a series of lasers that can easily produce bright and attention-grabbing effects in venues ranging from small arenas to massive outdoor festivals. They feature an advanced colour mixing technology that produces hues that are needed in any situation.

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The KOLO PHANTOM 12000 delivers a unique experience with its alluring web effects delivered in red, green and blue. This amazing device brings to life those effects that were once, only possible in the media player effects on your computer. With the KOLO PHANTOM working alongside your music you’ll be able to create a truly psychedelic masterpiece as your crowd dances through a flowing web of colours. This product can be used with Pangolin’s QuickShow and Beyond software.

This laser is manufactured with full diode technology, which is very stable for colour fading and has an output of 638nm 3000mW Red, 520nm 3000mW Green, 455nm 6000mW Blue. It’s built with a fully sealed construction housing. There will be no air circulation inside of the unit, it will be totally sealed and dust-proof. With TEC control for the diodes, the unit can run under a constant temperature, nor too hot or too cold. This guarantees that the whole system is constantly running steadily, plus it’s better for the diode’s lifespan.

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Additional information

Laser Output

3000mW Red 638nm
3000mW Green 520nm
6000mW Blue 455nm
RGB modulation: 0~5V, analog up to 50Khz


35Kpps @ ILDA 8°, 60° scanning angle maximum


AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz

Beam Specification

<1.1mrad, beam diameter<5*4MM

Working Mode

DMX512, Sound active, Auto run,Master/slave mode, ILDA mode
Channels: 13CH/25CH

Working Temperature


Housing Standard

IP54 dust-proof and sealed construction

Cooling System

Inside semiconductor cooling chip, and outside fan cooling





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