MLB 1000W Snow Machine w/ Wired Control


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This snow machine is best for stage or dance floor for snow fall effect. It makes a big difference to events such as Christmas party and weddings.

Is the output too small compared to 1500w models? It put out 50 cubic meters of snow fall per minute, while the 1500W put out 60, which is only marginally more. They both send snowflakes to 6-7 meters distances.

How long will a tank of 5L Last? Consumption is about 1L per 5-6 minutes if run contiusouly at maximum output, so a 5L should last 25-30 minutes, That is long enough for most events. With a small dancing area the machine is usually not run continously as that will end up with a very wet floor as the “snow” melt. Most of the time, the snow machine is switched on briefly for effects, or at an interval, so a 5L will last a long time if used in this fashion.

What is great about this machine is that its volume output is linear adjustable (Tests shows the there output only starts when the knob is turned to 75%, then gradually increase to full ouput when tuned to Max level). There are many occasions where you do not want a lot of snow to be shoot out continuously which not only doesn’t look that good,but will also quickly result in a wet floor and waste the snow fluid. Bear in mind the snow fluid are not cheap at around 45 dollars per 5L and they run out fast at full ouput.

Are they noisy? Yes, the main consumption of power goes to their blowers. The 1000W models have noise level of about 75db at full output similar to a home vaccum cleaner. However, that is when another important feature of this machine comes into play. It has adjustable fan output. You can choose between Low and High output, with the lower output reducing the noise to a 600W level.

Does it support DMX? No, but if you are not programing it to timecode of a song you can do without DMX. Even if you do wish to program a small show, it is also convenient just to use the 5 metrers wired control at the right time. The wired control come with real time volume control on it a feature you don’t want to do without in times. Yeah but what if i want to sync a few of them? You can daisy chain a few machine via the DMX IN/OUt connectors at the back with DMX cables and control all of them through one wired controller. You can always extend the wired controller cable if 5 Meters is not enough. So DMX is probably only for the formal stage shows where everything is programed.

Operating Instruction
Fill the tank with high quality snow liquid.
Securely mount the unit at least 3 meters above ground for best result.
Use remote control to turn on the machine.

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Additional information

Power Consumption


Projecting Distance




Liquid Consumption

130ml/min, or 5-6min/L


5 meters wired controller, with volume control





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