MLB 600W Hazer Haze Machine DMX 1CH


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600W heater for 2,000 cubic feet per minute max output.  Suitable for venues of upto 200 square meters.

On device Volume, Interval and timer controls available

DMX 1CH control allowing you to set the output volume via DMX controller

Why hazer over fogger?

haze is generally very light and subtle. These properties allows a venue to be filled with haze prior to or during an event without creating an overtly distracting cloud. Haze typically has a substantially longer persistence (“hang time”) than conventional theatrical fog. While conventional fog will hang in the air for several minutes, a haze effect filling the same volume of space can last much longer, depending on the size of the venue and the amount of ventilation.

Haze liquid, although more expensive than fog liquid, lasts a lot longer. With the MLB CH600 Hazer 1L liquid can last 9 hours in normal running conditions. So hazer are more economical to run, with less refilling and better effect.

MLB was established in 1995 and is a well known brand within the stage lighting industry for their inovation and quality products. They have implimented strict ISO9000 quality management system, and has obtained various certifications on product safety and quality.

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