Mode 611 Electric Chain Hoist w/ Dual Brakes (1T Load Capacity)

Mode 611 Electric Chain Hoist w/ Dual Brakes (1T Load Capacity)


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The Mode 611 is an economical electric chain hoist made for most small to mid-sized rigging works for simply lifting things up, thus it doesn’t come with fancy features such as digital load monitor, nor is it programmable. Being economic, does not mean that it compromises on build quality and safety. In addition, this hoist offers dual electromagnetic brake system, providing double protection for your lifting task. Like the flagship version of V6, the 611 also embraces teflon-level painting technology, aviation aluminium and IP55 rating, which makes it waterproof when water is projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) against enclosure from any direction.

The 611 is built to be the likes of Corolla or i30 among electric chain motors. They are compact in size, light-weight but at the same time, robust.

This chain hoist is the right choice for both rental businesses  and installations. It significantly brings down costs for production companies that hire out rigging equipment, and lower costs for their customers. Regarding installation, 611 means lower initial investment, plus less complicated design involved than the traditional wrench up systems that are mostly engineered and involve a lot of labor cost. Also, maintenance will be a lot less and easier since spare parts are standard.

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Lifting Capacity


Output Power


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415V,3 Phases

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