encrypted USB key dongle

Obsidian System Onyx Encrypted USB Key Dongle


Every event is unique and as much as possible you would want to have a backup system of your lighting effects and then load software functionality of the program to your computer. Thanks to the ONYX key all of these things are possible.

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The ONYX Key is a lifesaver for almost every lighting production.  This device is an encrypted USB key dongle that can unlock 64 universes of DMX control on your PC system. Simply insert the dongle to a 2.0 USB port on your computer and in a split-second, the drive will appear in your computer and ready for use. Just like an ordinary USB, it is very convenient and easy to use. No unnecessary hassles and complex processed to make it function.

Although small in size, it carries the full ONYX license which means that it can work with ONYX software. No online connectivity or activation is needed to start using this device. Even starters can eventually adopt the user-friendly features that this dongle offer.  Since it is not registered to a specific hardware, it can be used on any PC. The drivers are pre-installed with ONYX, making this key plug-and-play.


  • 64 Universe ONYX license
  • 2.0 USB
  • Pre-activated license
  • Plug-and-play functionality

The ONYX key is enclosed in a compact silver housing with a security loop that allows you to securely fasten the device. It is very portable to allow you to simply tuck it in your pocket or audio equipment organizers.

This encrypted USB key dongle from ONYX is very efficient and durable. Given the proper care it needs, it can last for years and go a long mile with you.

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