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Obsidian Systems Onyx NX Touch Lighting Controller


The NX Touch lighting controller is a plug-and-play for all types of events that need modern and complex lighting effects at the touch of your fingers.

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The Obsidian Systems NX Touch features an innovative surface with touch functionality allowing users to control lightings at the tip of their fingers.

Using the touch features allows you to control and navigate any settings within seconds. The NX Touch is the most affordable and unique professional lighting solutions on the market.

The NX Touch lighting controller has 14 playback touch faders, which is a real mixed blessing. Touch faders are essential when mixing with automation since they allow the system to drop into automation the moment you touch them and stop the scene as soon as you release them.  This is yet the best option to get rid of having to fight against the motorized faders, which aren’t always that quick to respond.

Additional features include fixture parameters and 20 velocity-controlled pads that let you create new lighting effects. There are additional programming buttons that add up to its functionality such as Record, Edit, Update, Load, and Clear.

The NX Touch lighting control surface is very user-friendly. It is adored for its compact, portable, rugged and lightweight design.  All of the pads are arranged according to what is essential for the user. It also includes one DMX port for direct control of any compatible DMX devices. The integrated DMX output is expandable up to 128 universes. The NX Touch mainly works with any PC with Windows 10 operating system.


  • USB control surface for both smaller applications and professional use
  • Combined playback and programming surface with innovative touch fader technology
  • Pressure-sensitive flash buttons
  • 10 Playbacks, 10 multi-purpose function keys, 4 digital encoders
  • USB connection for ONYX on PC systems or as expansion wing for all ONYX consoles
  • Integrated DMX output
  • Plug and Play USB device without external power supply
  • Rackmount option
  • Size: 394 mm(l) x 218.5 mm (w) x 5 mm(h)
  • Weight: 3.3lbs.
  • IP Rating: IP20

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