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Ovation Power Par 350 TM 31X10W White LED


The Power Par 350 TM is powered by 31x10w white LEDs with color temperature from 2700-7000K.

This light is made for venues with high ceiling and requires directional white light that can be DMX programmed/controlled to suit different events requirement such as trade shows, auto shows, sports and TV shows.

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Powerpar 350TM is equipped with 16 warm white and 16 cool white 10W LEDs to achieve a whooping 3204Lux combined output  at 10 meters distance.

The features that makes this luminarie ideal for large events are:

  • barn doors included as standard accessory for directional lighting
  • very high lumen output for its size and price point
  • white light with color temperature ranging from 2700k to 7000k programmable via DMX

For indoor large events held in spaces that have high ceiling, the number of fixtures used to light up a stand or stage will increase dramatically as well as the need to avoid lights being split into areas not desired. The Power par TM LED PAR with barn doors ticks all these boxes while reducing the cost of lighting by a big margin compared to lighting with moving head wash lights.

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Additional information



Power Consumption


Light Source:

31x10W LEDs

Beam Angle:


Color Temperature


Control Mode

DMX512,Auto, Master/Slave, Sound Active

DMX Channels






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