CODE 240A DMX Controller Console Board 192CH


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  • Individually controls 12 groups of lights with 16 channels each, or 24 groups of lights with 8 channels each. (each group can contain unlimited number of identical lights).
  • 30 banks of 8 scenes, 240 scenes in total
  • 6 sets of chases containing 240 scenes
  • Two wheels can be assigned to Pan/Tilt channels of every individual moving fixtures
  • Programs can be triggered by music, midi, automatically or manually
  • All Chases can be executed at the same time
  • Top quality plus well written easy to follow manual
  • Come with LED USB light. Australian power adaptor

The controller only respond to MIDI commands on the MIDI channel which it is set to full stop. All MIDI controls is performed using Note on commands. Other Midi instructions are ignored.

You can transfer data between two 240A dmx controllers.
Creating a Scene, and Program:
A scene is a static lighting state. Scenes are stored in banks. This controller has 30 banks, and each bank can store 8 scenes.
A program (also called “bank” or “cue”) is a sequence of different scenes that will be called up one after another.
1, Press Program button until the LED blinks
2, Position SPEED and FADE TIME sliders all the way down
3, Select the SCANNERS you wish to include in the scene
4, Compose a look by moving the sliders and wheel.
5, Tap MIDI/REC button to save the scene, then choose a BANK number, and a SCENES number to store the scene to.
6, Repeat steps 3-5 as necessary to create more scenes in order to make a program. 8 scenes can be recorded in a Program
7, To exit program mode, hold the PROGRAM button.
Run a Program
1, Use Bank UP/DOWN buttons to change program banks if necessary
2, Press the AUTO DEL button repeatedly until the AUTO LED turns on
3, Adjust the program speed via the SPEED fader, and the loop rate via the FADE TIME fader. (SPEED is how fast the scenes are called up. FADE TIME  sets the time it takes to fade from one scene to the next scene)

Chase is created by using previously created scenes. Chase differs to program in that scenes can be arranged in any order when creating a chase, and a chase can contain upto 240 scenes not just 8. Scenes are also called “steps” here.

1, Press PROGRAM button until the LED blinks
2, Press the CHASE(1-6) button you with to program.
3, Select a scene by Changing BANK, then select SCENE
4, Tap MIDI/REC button to add the selected scene to the current chase
5, repeat steps 2-4 to add more scenes/steps
6, Press and hold PROGRAM button when you finish

Run a Chase

1, Press CHASE button then press the AUTO DEL button
2, Adjust the speed by tapping the TAP DISPLAY button twice at a rate of your choice

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