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Uniqueen WU-854 24A 4 Channels Constant Voltage DMX Decoder


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The Uniqueen WU-854 DMX512 decoder is developed only for constant voltage LED lamps.

It adopted advanced micro-computer control technology to transfer standard DMX512/1990 signal to PWM signal.

User can choose 1~4 output channels, each supporting 4096 grey scale dimming.

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Additional information

Input Voltage


Max Load Current

RGB:4A*3CH W:12A*1CH

Max Output Power

RGB:48W*3CH W:144W(12V)
RGB:96W*3CH W:288W(24V)

Grey Scale

4096 level*4

Input Signal


Output Signal

Constant Voltage PWM*4

Decode Channel


DMX512 Socket

XLR-3R port/RJ45 port/terminal block





Product Application Photos and Videos



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