XMlite EXP370

XMLite EXP370 LED 170W Hybrid BSW Moving Head


The EXP370 is among the first LED versions of BSW hybrid moving heads.

It features a impressive 3.5-37° beam angle, a linear frost, both 8 and 3 facet prism, as well as second gobo wheel with rotating and exchangeable gobos.

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EXP370 from XMlite is a new generation of LED moving heads that is catching up on the lamp version of counterparts in a big way.

Traditionally, and today still, BSW type moving heads are all lamp based due to their superior output. That does come with its own downsides, being heat and fan noise. Advancement in LED chip technology has allow LEDs to increasing inch up to challenge bright lamps. 600W LED engines are already entering the market trying to replace some of the 1500w rivals. On the mid tier market including local theatres, education performing arts stages and various clubs with ceiling of no more than 6 meters high. the 150-200W LED moving heads are almost preferred since their lamps will likely outlast the fixture itself.

That said, the EXP370 wins hands down if you compare it to most other LED moving fixtures in this category. You will find most of the features usually only available in the much more higher end products such as:

  • A second gobo wheel, with self rotating and exchangeable gobos
  • Linear frost
  • 3.5-37° zoom angle
  • 8 facet and 3 facet prism glass

The wider zoom angle makes it especially versatile to cope with various ceiling height at different venues. Linear frost is mostly not seen in other LED moving heads at this output and price mark. The 8 and 3 facet prism glass will add a lot more possibilities to creative lighting design. Most other moving heads at this range only have a 3 facet prism.


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Additional information

Power Consumption


Light Source

170 LED

Beam Angle


Color Wheel

9 colors+white

Fixed Gobo

9 gobo+open+effect

Rotation Gobo

9 gobo+open


8 facet prism +3 facet prism with fixed frost

DMX Channels



Yes, for firmware update and DMX address setting


540°,8Bit/16Bit; 270°,8Bit/16Bit;