The Difference Between Velvet and Wool IFR Stage Curtains

The Difference Between Velvet and Wool IFR Stage Curtains

Commercial curtains are those which are usually installed in school stages, churches, dance studios, performing arts venues. Curtains are typically opened and closed during performances to reveal or conceal the stage and scenery from the audience.  Stage curtains can be used to create a striking visual impact, but also minimize sound reflections and create separation between different areas within large spaces. Choosing the right fabric is a vital factor. Depending on curtain type, certain fabrics tend to work better than others. For example, stage curtains are typically made from heavier fabric which maybe either velvet or wool.

Velvet, has traditionally been used as the preferred fabric for main stage curtains / drapes. Velvet is produced from either natural or synthetic yarns and is available in a wide range of colors and weights. Velvet curtains give an elegant and lush look. They help to block stage work lighting and minimize the sounds of scene changing on the stage.

Wool fabrics are available in wide range of colors and can be used as an alternative to velvet for main stage curtains / drapes; especially in applications where durability is an issue. Heavy wool fabric has excellent acoustic elements providing adequate sound absorption. Wool is heavy, resilient and makes strong, long-lasting curtains. Wool is generally considered the most flame-resistant natural fiber. The black wool is a fantastic sound absorber and reduces echoes and sounds.

Velvet offers a more luxury look. they are a bit shinny. Wool is matt. The pricing of both the fabrics is also a deciding factor in choosing the fabric for stage curtains. Velvet fabric is a luxurious and shiny. It is nearly 25% higher in cost than wool.

To combat the risk of fire, flame retarding has become mandatory for theatres and stages as per the Australian Standards. Inherently Flame Retardant (or IFR) refers to fabrics that are woven with naturally flame resistant fibers. Their flame retardancy will last for the life of the fabric as it has been woven into the fabric itself. Phantos provides both velvet and wool fabrics for stage curtains. All fabrics have a weight, and the standard measurement for the weight and quality of fabrics is grams per square meter (gsm). This number refers to the density of the fabric. We supply heavy duty premium quality fabrics with a density of 550 gsm and they are inherently fabric retardant.

If you are looking for stage curtains for school, church or performance studio, our team of experts will be happy to help in deciding the appropriate fabric for curtains as per your preferences.