Our Humble Start

The year 2007-2008 saw a breakthrough in LED as a new light source for stage lighting.

At the time, LED lamps were still very small and weak. The first LED PAR cans we offered for sale were ones made of 181 pieces of 10mm RGB LEDs. The fact that coloured lighting without having to use gels and also low electricity consumption without the need for a dimmer for DMX control was possible, made LEDs a hit. As a result, LED effects lights were quickly endorsed by party DJ’s and small venues.

Small laser lights were also witnessing a break out due to their affordability and unique beam effect. The first laser light we sold was, actually, the red & green Christmas firefly laser.

Phantos was known at the time as triAngle Lights and operated from a warehouse in the suburb of Padstow, South-West of Sydney.