Wedding Reception Venue Design

Wedding Reception Venue Design

When dealing with wedding venue designing a lot of aspects should be taken into consideration. Lighting is unquestionably one of the most important parts, that sometimes gets neglected. It establishes the general ambience for a wedding reception and makes it possible for your customers to display every beautiful element they’ve devoted a long time working on. In addition, your clients will surely desire their attendees to have the ability to gladly savour their food and have fun on the dance floor, and they’ll need their wedding photographs to be delightful and unforgettable. None of these can be done with low-quality or inadequate lighting fixtures!

Each wedding reception venue is different in size & style; as a result, unique lighting situations are required for each circumstance. Our company holds an array of lighting units that can be fitted in your space perfectly. Our inventory includes fresnels & profiles, static wash lights, moving heads, gobo projectors and even following spots for your couples’ dream wedding service. Uplighting is wonderful for highlighting architectural aspects or swapping wall hues to match your colour scheme, plus colour washing can help create different moods and drama, depending on the moment. PHANTOS can help you determine what products your space needs and where they should be installed in order for you to get the most diversity and be able to customise the venue for each unique wedding.

Wedding Lighting
Wedding Kinetic Balls 2


Another great lighting product that we offer is Kinetic LED Balls. You can incorporate motion into one’s celebration with this LED Kinetic Balls lighting system that presents a powerful blend amongst illumination and movement and accentuates key details of your space. The complete colour range lights are available in a variety of sizes to produce a personalised, lively exhibit for each of your clients. The balls are mounted onto the ceiling to transform what used to be an empty space into an outstanding lighting demonstration and, if desired, can manoeuvre to the rhythm of the ceremony’s music.

We can also cover other technical elements of your wedding, such as FX, audio, and projector mapping. Our inventory stocks a plethora of special effects machines with which you can elevate your weddings and amaze the guests. With our haze machines, you can create a misty floor so that the area reminds the guests of a fairy-tale and/or a spectacular entrance for the newlyweds. We also supply spark machines for the cake cutting segment of the reception and also confetti launchers and many other effect machines (for the units that require a liquid to function, we can provide that as well).

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Regarding audio designing, our skilled specialists will rig your venue to produce the best sound possible. By examining your area our crew will select the suitable audio devices, such as speakers and amplifiers so that the acoustics of the area will definitely be ear-pleasing. The accurate position of the speakers will add to the ambience of each wedding’s reception, therefore making the guests feel more welcomed and comfortable with the place.

Conclusively, a lot of couples ask for videos to be playing at their wedding reception; we can help with that too. PHANTOS has a selection of LED Screens to entertain guests. What’s great about LED Screeens is that they get connected in whatever shape and size one prefers and they have a bezel-free design. If you’re looking for something smaller and standard we also offer LCD TVs for display walls. They have a closer viewing distance, thus they offer higher definition.