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A retractable/telescopic travelling seating system is rows of multiple tiers of closed deck chair platforms, that store away into a closed position when the area is required to be used for other purposes. The rear row is fixed in a permanent position, the system opens and closes from this fixed point. Turn your space into a multi-purpose venue. The platforms operate on the retractable principal stacking vertically under the one above, to minimise the floor area, when not in use.
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Motorised retractable seating platforms are great solutions to school halls, auditoriums and other multi-purpose spaces to maximise available space, save time and labour cost, avoid manual handling, reduce wear to floor surfaces, and offering an improved line of sight and audience viewing experience, etc.

Retractable seating offering complete flexibility for your venue to host different types of events within a day. Bench type bleacher seats, individual padded and non-padded seats, armrests, cup holders, seat and aisle numbers, corporate logos and advertising can all be incorporated into your seating system.

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PHANTOS has been engaging in performance venue and multi-function space transformation since 2013, providing integrated electromechanical systems including customised automatic seating systems for theatres, auditoriums and multipurpose venues. Our experienced technical sales team, engineers, innovative technology and customer service support respond to your needs through all phases of construction or renovation projects.

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By teaming up with reputable manufacturers, we can deliver your customised motorised seating systems that are reliable, manufactured responsibly, meet Australia safety standards and produce the comfort and support your audience deserves. All of our systems are certified by structural engineers with control system designed to all potential operational risks eliminated or addressed with controls. We can operate Australia wide with 5 years of warranty and local after-sales service.
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We encourage you to get in touch with us for an obligation-free consultation and site visit. By inspecting your space and listen to your concerns and needs, we can offer a range of manual and electrical retractable seating systems with different seat designs for you to consider. Our technical sales staff can work with you from the early stage of producing concepts with proposals, to confirming all the details and addressing your questions to ensure you know exactly what to expect.
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