Live Music Restaurant/BAR AV Lighting System

Live Music Venue AV Lighting System

Live music venues including bars, pub and restaurants have been around for many years. People enjoy visiting them in order to relax and enjoy their meal, usually at dinner time or have a drink late at night while listening to some music. These venues often do not have in house AV staff as a result their AV and lighting system needs to be designed to be user friendly without sacraficing quality. 

Most such venues have a relatively low ceiling of less than 3.5 meters with a small stage.  To create the atmosphere for customer to feel engaged with what is happening on stage, compact LED color wash lighting fixtures or pixel LED strip lights are a great way to paint the whole space including stage into different colors without being intrusive compared to the larger moving head lights.  A few compact spot/profile lights can also be considered to be focused on the performers if needed.  Mobile device based wireless lighting control systems such as NICOLAUDIE UE7 and Luminar are perfect for businesses that do not want the hassle of investing a physical lighting console that requires technical trainning of their staff.  If you are tech-savy and want to go one step further with a lighting console, then maybe consider a Obsidian Systems Oynix NX Touch or NX Wing.

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Of course, it wouldn’t be a music bar/restaurant without the appropriate sound equipment. Holding live music events in your restaurant or bar is one of the most well-known, tried and working customers gathering tactics in the chronicles of this industry. Our company carries professional SKYTONE VERA speakers that you can add to your space and mesmerise your patrons with their crystal-clear sound, high reduction for live sound and sonic accuracy. These speakers offer a sweet sound and 1600W super power. Every detail in the VERA series was purposefully designed considering its most intended function, integrating industry-leading levels of sound quality, power, control and durability.Moreover, we carry top notch amplifiers that word perfectly with our speakers and provide a smooth audio output.

TV wall is another great investment to up the game with entertaiment at a music bar or restaurant. TV wall differs from LED screen in that they have higher resolution and do not require a 5-6 meters of viewing distance, making them more suitable for small spaces. They can play 4K video without the astronomical cost that will come with LED screens to do the same. These large video walls are also very versatile in their applications.  They can be used to play TV channles just like normal TVs, or commercials for upcoming events or promotions at your bar.  They can work as digital backdrop when there are performances on the stage and of course you could feed live video onto the screen if you have a video camera and the media server supports SDI input. 

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An AV lighting system for a music bar can be straight forward and easy to use. PHANTOS can custom design the entire system for your next music bar AV fit-out. If you are looking for a quotation or having any questions relating to this area our friendly technicians can meet you for a free consultation.