About Us

PHANTOS was established in 2009 and has since been committed to supplying reliable stage lighting, audio and vision equipment to places including theaters, clubs, hotels, schools, churches and many more in Australia. 

Our technical sales staff has many years of experience and we try our best to achieve satisfying outcome for our clients. We strive to provide our clients with solutions tailored to their needs,  value for money quality products, and installations of high standard.

What makes us different?

Our main focus is to supply entertainment AV products to both new development and renovation projects.  Apart from importing and distributing these  equipment, we have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing customised systems. These include custom trussing and staging, electric curtain system, lighting and audio system design, etc. We are capable of supplying shop drawings and as-built drawings and meet all standard set forth for such projects. 

All of the products that we supply are backed with 2 years of warranty. Our service technician is educated in Electronics Engineering and counts 20 years of experience in manufacturing, installing and repairing stage lighting, audio and vision equipment. 

The Facilities

We operate from a 500m² modern warehouse and office located in the centre of the Great Sydney area, with an exclusive showroom. We welcome you to visit us and look at our products first hand. If you prefer product demonstrations and samples to be shipped to you, don’t hesitate to let us know and we will cover the cost of transportation.

phantos building

Our Credentials and Brands

PHANTOS is a member of ALIA and represents a number of brands in Australia including KOLO, XMlite, MLB, Skytone Audio, Dsppatech PA, Gloshine, Eagle Group and MODE Tech. 

Frequently Asked Questions


We have expertise in designing, supplying and installing below systems: stage lighting, motorised truss/lighting bars, motorised stage curtains, architectural lighting system, stage audio system, PA system for shops and buildings, custom truss structure with certification, indoor and outdoor LED screens, TV wall system. 

We offer credit to businesses that supply AV equipment to end customers. Your application will be subjected for review. In any case,

a legal binding credit application form with a business reference and guarantor will need to be signed. 

We aim to follow up with each customer once a year to see how the products are maintained and if there is any warranty issue. Within our 24 months warranty period, we will pay one-way shipping back to our customers after their products have been repaired. We also offer to ship a replacement to you to keep interruption due to warranty at a minimum level. If an issue that is covered by our warranty occurs within 2 weeks of sale, we will replace it at our cost. 

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Company Timeline

For almost 10 years, we’ve been passionate about achieving better results for our clients.

Closer To Customers

In July 2015, PHANTOS purchased a warehouse in Auburn with a floor area of approx. 500sqm.  A new showroom was set up next to our office area for product demonstration purposes. Most customers in the Greater Sydney area can travel to our showroom in just half an hour.

PHANTOS continued to work closely with manufacturers like DsppaTech, DJPower, Skytone, and Gloshine to expand the product line we can offer to our customers.

First Move

2013 sets the business on a new path. The company is now focusing on professional stage lighting products. The business name was changed to PHANTOS.

We work with selected manufacturers and promote their brands in Australia. We have since maintained a close relationship with manufacturers including KOLO, XMLite, Mode, Eagle, KKM, Monon, MLB, and GTD.

At this time, PHANTOS was relocated to a warehouse in Dural.

Our Humble Start

The year 2007-2008 saw a breakthrough in LED as a new light source for stage lighting.

At the time, LED lamps were still very small and weak. The first LED PAR cans we offered for sale were ones made of 181 pieces of 10mm RGB LEDs. The fact that coloured lighting without having to use gels and also low electricity consumption without the need for a dimmer for DMX control was possible, made LEDs a hit. As a result, LED effects lights were quickly endorsed by party DJ’s and small venues.

Phantos was known at the time as triAngle Lights and operated from a warehouse in the suburb of Padstow, South-West of Sydney.