Architectural Pixel

Lighting System

If you want to improve and refine the look and ambiance of a space, adding optical details is a smart way to enrich the overall visual experience. There is a plethora of ways to achieve that, though an architectural led lighting system is certainly the most crucial means to ensure your building grabs people’s attention from far away. Pixel addressable DMX LED Strips, battens or dot lighting fixtures are ideal for atmosphere enhancement, as they give you the ability and versatility to create awesome effects.

DMX pixel

These DMX pixel-mappable lights are amazing in creating depth and dynamic visual effects powered by lighting control software and standalone control systems such as MADRIX and Nicolaudie Architectural. Architectural pixel lighting systems are great for nightclubs, gyms, retail shops and outdoor architectural facade because they can produce remarkable effects that are unable to be obtained otherwise. You can keep the strips on a single hue, or you can enjoy the fully manageable pixel by pixel sequences that these DMX LED fixtures have to offer.


Architectural lighting

High-end architectural lighting control systems such as MADRIX features a revolutionary audio analysis. It can realise all live audio signals and produce spectacular real-time lighting visuals. These live special effects will definitely put together a light show that works in sync with your audio.

These pixel lighting systems can be as simple as 10-20 pixel colored led strips run by standalone controllers to complicated lighting system with thousands of pixels involving multiple Artnet-DMX nodes and network switches and computer system to achieve the stunning lighting effect at night time. The powerful computer application is capable of controlling nearly any 2D LED display, but also true 3D LED applications too.


architectural lighting

All of the control system that we recommend and use allows the system to run in a standalone mode without user intervention. scenes and effects will be pre-programed and will be triggered by clock or calender events. The whole system can boot up and shutdown as required. Some standalone system such as the NICOLAUDIE UE7 supports ios and andriod app on mobile devices allowing venue staff to gain real time control of the lighting system when they need to.

As you can imagine, architetural pixel lighting system can attract high maintenance cost if the lighting fixtures themselves fail to cope with the extreme heat and rapid daily temperature fluctuations and some time pro-long wet season in Australia.

PHANTOS distribute and supply Colordreamer IP67 rated products that are manufactured to the highest standard to surive the extreme weather conditions down under. For your peace of mind, PHANTOS offers optional extended 5 years warranty to Colordreamer outdoor architectural lighting fixtures.


architectural lighting system

Designing and installing the entire architectural lighting system can be cumbersome and requires indeptch technical know-hows of lighting and control equipment and software, as well as IT skills. Our technicians and installers are experienced with every aspect of these system and products, and can provide you with a solution that is easiest to maintain and put in place with the highest standard to minimise any chance of breakdown.

Whether you are a construction company tendering for projects involving architectural lighting system, or you own a venue/gym that needs eye-catching pixel lighting effect that helps to attract new customers, PHANTOS appreciate the opportunity to talk to you and provide a quote.

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