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LED Screen Signage

Indoor and outdoor large-format LED screen signages are often found around shopping centers, clubs, hotels, etc., with ads running day and night to promote products and services to people passing by. Businesses relying on drawing customers into their shops and venues can see great benefits in investing an LED screen digital signage to improve customer experience, enhance brand image, and promote sales.

LED Screens

LED screens can be custom made to different sizes and shapes. They can also be curved. These qualities make it effective in grabbing people’s attention. They can be mounted on concrete walls or suspended from a ceiling. There is always a blank wall in a commercial space that a large LED screen will make sense.

Retail shops such as fashion and furniture stores need to show customers their new products and designs. Having LED digital screen signages in store will make promoting new styles very easy to execute by store managers and staff.


LED Screens

Your store will not look the same across the year as your digital signage will be part of your interior offering customers the much-needed freshness when they pass by next time. They will never miss it if you are running a promotion or sales. Whether it is a change of season, or running various promotions across the year, a new setup of content from your marketing/sales department can be immediately put on walls.

LED screens

With a digital LED screen signage, you have the freedom to display static images as slide shows and also video clips produced in house or marketing agencies to drive up traffic to your stores and imprint your business name into their memories. Most shops have nice interior designs with TV screens, but unless they have something special it is hard to stand out with so much competition around. Customers nowadays have so many choices and you can easily be “one of those shops” that they will not remember next time they need something that you can offer.

Shopping centers and building owners with busy traffic may also be thinking of ways to cash in the amount of daily traffic. Apart from raising rent, putting up a few LED screen signage and offer tenants advertising services would be another reliable source of income. PHANTOS only works with reliable manufacturers and these LED screens can be running for years with minimum maintenance and ensure your investment would be profitable. Different configurations in terms of size and shape can be achieved to suit different surfaces and be harmonious to the existing design of the building or space.


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PHANTOS can design, fabricate, certify and install these LED screen signages to internal or external concrete walls and provide 2 years onsite warranty.
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