Stage Lighting Bar/Truss System

For obvious reasons, most small to medium school halls, auditorium and function centers have fixed overhead lighting bars or truss rig. That might be suitable if very little changes will be made to the lighting fixtures over the years. However, that is not the case for many high schools and colleges who are constantly creating new production showcases every year. Students often have to user ladders or scaffolds to access lighting fixtures on the lighting bar or truss, which are often at 4-6 meters high. Accroding to a report published by Safework Australia falling from height occurs mostly at construction sites or at schools. A motorised stage lighting bar or truss system will eleminate this risk and increase work efficiency and lower maintenance cost of the lighting fixtures over the long run.

Lighting bar

A hoist with multiple cable lifting drums is a compact solution for lighting bars at most small to medium venues with low ceiling. Compared to chain motors these hoists lift with steel wire ropes on a drum, with no hooks, chain bags thus helps to gain extra trim height which is much needed for stages with low ceilings. These hoists are also very cost effective compared to chain motors. They require 240V power instead of 415V 3 phase power. They come with safety features such as breaking and limit switches. Multiple hoists can be programmed to work in a group and controlled via a wall mount controller plus a wireless pickle just like the chain motor system.
Each of these hoist has SWL of 100-200Kg which is usually more than enough for such applications.


Lighting truss


Motorised truss system, on the other hand, is required for lifting a more heavy load from 500Kg to 1T.  Equipment such as moving heads, line array speakers and LED screen cabinets can add up to be quite heavy. Lighting truss allows less motors at a longer span. Electric chain motors come with step motors to ensure 100% accuracy when multiple hoists moves in group. They also boost added safety features which meets D8 Plus standard. PHANTOS can design, supply and install Mode electric chain hoists with TUV/CE safety certification, with Eagle truss system  which is also TUV certified.

Upgrade Your

lighting bars/battens in to motorised system

Safety is of utmost importance in designing, specifying and installing these automated batten/truss systems. All of our projects will be certified by a structure engineer and issued a certificate. Hoists used in these system come with CE/TUV safety certificates and installations will be carried out strictly according to specifications given by the structure engineer.

These systems also involve cable management system to ensure data and power leads are neat and largely out of sight when the lighting bars or truss are flown to position.

If you are looking for a quote to upgrade existing lighting bars/battens in to motorised system, we would appreciate the opportunity to provide a quote.

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