Stage Lighting System

Many performing art spaces in Sydney have lighting systems that are more than 15 years old with bits and pieces added over the years. Lighting consoles are also becoming obsolete comparing to today’s digital counterparts. This is often the case with many local schools and churches. Music and performing arts teachers and students put in a lot of efforts in producing their annual shows of a great quality and with an updated lighting system, these shows can be fabulous. A lighting system upgrade may not cost as much as you have expected.

Lighting System

Phantos has years of experience in upgrading obsolete lighting rigs and systems for Sydney schools, churches, and other venues. Our prices should be very competitive because we are an importer and distributor of the products we supply. We also offer 2 years warranty instead of 12 months which is offered by most of our industry peers to give you a peace of mind. We also focus more on stage lighting upgrade and installation projects instead of merely distribute our products to resellers.


Lighting System

If you currently have a lighing rig that is 10 plus years old, replacing all lamp based PAR cans, fresnels and profiles is first on the list for obvious reasons.  A 200W LED fresnel/profile can replace a 1000W lamp based fixture in terms of lumen output and will also make the decades old dimmer racks redundant.  This will clean up a lot of leads and space leaving a much cleaner setup. Less leads running around means less worry, less power and less downtime. 

The lighting system for small to medium sized venues can be greatly simplified by getting rid of the dimmers.


Lighting System

We can estimate the number of LED fresnels, profiles and other coloured static wash lights required for the school’s hall based on the lumen output of each lighting fixture and the area of the stage that needs to be covered.

We recommend the use of moving head fixtures as well as haze machines. These would add to the appeal of your shows towards the audience.

If moving head lights or pixel mappable fixtures are used, we recommend upgrading lighting consoles to a digital one. PHANTOS is the exclusive NSW reseller for Obsidian Systems’ Oynx series of consoles and software, previously known as Martin M series.

Upgrade your

Lighting system

We can offer you the best deal not only on the Oynx lighting consoles and lighting equipment, but also the upgrade and installation work. Our lighting technicians and installers can perform a site visit to listen to your needs and answer your technican questions, taking record of measurements, etc to provide a quote for your lighting system upgrading project.

if you are thinking of upgrading your current lighting system, PHANTOS would appreciate the opportnity to provide a quote.

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